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You work as little or as much as you want!

As a Nu Aura Affiliate/Influencer, you will be working as your own boss to promote Nu Aura Products. It's so easy to start earning money today!  You'll earn commissions based on how much you sell through referrals. It's your own business! You decide how much you want to make! Commission percentages increase based on sales.


                       1. Sign up and create a username and password.

                       2. A private link will be generated for you on the screen!  

                       3. Copy and save the link that is generated for you.  This is YOUR PRIVATE LINK 

                           to share with family, friends, social media, etc. You decide! 

                       4. You'll start earning money, once orders are placed using your private link.

Once you sign up, your private link will generate for you to share with friends, family, social media, in order to start making money. When an order is placed you will receive then use this link for all of your sales and referrals.  You sign back in to view your affiliate portal to see if you generated sales.  CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO JOIN!  

Your destiny is in your hands! 


 Call Deborah @ 860-214-5655 or email if you have any questions.

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